11th Filing Water Update


This is both a status update on a prior repair being made to a line in the 11th filing but also, a new notification about additional work CLWSA will be undergoing to address new breaks and leaks recently identified within this filing. 

As of 9/13 water remains on throughout the 11th filing with the exception of Kispoko Court which is directly north of a major repair we've been addressing. Our dedicated field technicians, water operator Alberts Water, Wayne's Pump Service and Larimer County have all been working in collaboration to address multiple new issues that have come to our attention recently. Those include newly found line breaks, equipment replacement in our pump house, and new materials we are required to use in order to be in compliance with CDPHE regulations as they pertain to water distribution systems. 

Some property owners may have experienced service disruptions of water for an hour to two hours at a time then to have service restored. This cyclical pattern of water/no water had flagged us to perceive we had an active leak somewhere within the 11th filing however, it had not presented itself until approximately 48 hours ago. We now know that the source of a major leak within the 11th filing is located under Blackfoot Road between the 11th Filing Pumphouse (aka: The Large Volume Fill Station) and Tami Road. The visible pooling of water on the surface of a dense, compacted road is a classic sign of a leak. The following is our plan and our required protocol to address this situation. 

Our Water Operator, Alberts Water has been notified. Alberts Water has notified the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) that water will be shut off for a limited period of time once our repair work is able to begin. Blackfoot Road will be closed and traffic will be re-directed to a detour around Base Camp. Blackfoot Road will be trenched and the line will be exposed so we can asses the extent of damage and begin our repair work. As there are no valves that can isolate this section of line from the 11th filing well, it will be necessary to shut off water service for the entire 11th filing for at least 24 hours pending our process of making this repair. Once the repair is made, the new line will be hyper-chlorinated, the entire system will be flushed, adequate chlorine levels will be adjusted within our well, and we will notify residents again when the water is turned back on. 

We understand this has been a very frustrating and confusing issue for a number of residents as it has been for us as well. CLWSA staff and board all pride ourselves on providing immediate attention to water issues to meet our customers needs. Unfortunately, the initial valve break we discovered weeks ago and the repair work we began experienced significant set backs and delays beyond our control. 

We apologize for any inconvenience our prior, ongoing repair work and this new repair may cause for you, your family and guests. As always, please reach out to us at our office with questions or concerns at (970) 282-1071 or our after hours number of (970) 834-3488. As you do, we too look forward to having these multiple leaks and repairs finalized so that the entire system is functioning normally again.