11th Filing, Basecamp water is ON (please conserve)

Water Service has been restored in the 11th filing, which includes 11th filing residents as well as Basecamp, the fire station, the wapiti center, the CLRRA shop, and the CLWSA office and shop. 

The well is not dry.  Production has slowed down in the last week however, to where it cannot keep up with the needs of the filing residents, community buildings PLUS the large volume fills.  Now that the cistern level has had time to recover, the well should be able to keep up with Basecamp facilities and residential use.  CLWSA staff is carefully monitoring the water level in the supply cistern for 11th filing which is fed by the 11th filing well.  If it cannot keep pace, field staff have secured some limited external supply to supplement.

Large volume fills and home deliveries are still suspended until production improves.  The small volume fill station does work (there is no way to lock it down), PLEASE only take water there if you absolutely need to and then, just sparingly. 

Some alternate resources for self serve stations and hauled water services are listed below.  Thank you for bearing with us!

Contact the CLWSA office with questions at (970) 282-1071 or via email: operations@clwater.org